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Providing unified and bias-free data by exposing inherent risk in data compromised by bias.





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By managing data effectively with our UnBiasIt data technologies, we provide our customers with a remarkable resource to access, integrate, cleanse, unify, govern, store, secure, eliminate bias, and prepare data to unlock its inherent value and maximum utilization.


Most importantly, UnBiasIt provides bias-free data by exposing inherent risk in both current and legacy data compromised by bias.  In today's data-driven world, the importance of data accuracy and fairness cannot be overstated. The accuracy and fairness of data are crucial for machine learning models, which are increasingly being used for decision-making in various industries. 

UnBiasIt provides unified and bias-free data by exposing inherent risk in data compromised by bias.


Our three-pronged approach to help expose and deter bias

UnBiasIt utilizes various data management, alert, supervision, and compliance solutions designed to fully enable an organization to recognize and eliminate inherent bias and misconduct throughout their enterprise - as well as transforming their data as a resource which can easily and accurately be drawn upon when needed for the critical information governance and compliance that is increasingly demanded of every enterprise. 


Leveraging our UnBiasIt resources enables an organization to turn their data into a valuable asset while recognizing and deterring potential bias both internally and externally.  Performing a historical review of their unstructured data [when complemented with real-time alerts and continuous monitoring] delivers a complete assessment of an organization’s bias data posture.

UnBiasIt offers large enterprise users a three-pronged approach to help expose and deter bias within their organization:


UnBiasIt Writing App:  Real-time solution to prevent bias. 

UnBiasIt Bias Alert:  Continuous monitoring to alert and deter bias.

UnBiasIt Data Stack:  Complete data management to expose bias.


You control the criteria.

You are in the driver's seat and have total control of what you monitor and take action against. Our UnBiasIt Alert™ provides you with an ongoing deterrent and proactive intervention to eliminate bias in your organization.  Get started today.

Our UnBiasIt Alert™ Technology

Criteria Driven.  We've created the first-ever fully-customizable bias criteria.  In addition to our UnBiasIt Alert™ criteria, we have ready-to-use criteria for sexual harassment, high-pressure sales tactics, and high-risk communication.

Secure and Auditable.  UnBiasIt Alert™ complies with existing security or data privacy standards large organizations are subject to including GDPR, SOC II, FedRamp, HiTrust, FERC, SEC, HIPAA, and more.  The tool is also fully auditable and reportable.

Seamless Integration.  UnBiasIt will fully manage the implementation process and provide managed services on an ongoing basis.

We exceed the industry-leading standards.


Fed-Ramp Authorized
Data Center


SOC II Compliant


GDPR Certified


HIPAA/Hi Trust Compliant

Industries We Serve

UnBiasIt’s unique combination of advanced data management and bias alert tools allows us to address a worldwide market of enterprises with distended data often spanning multiple locations and types of data sources and compliance requirements.

Target enterprise markets include:

❯  Financial Services

❯  Health Care

❯  Energy

❯  Government

❯  Educational Institutions


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