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The Data Governance
Cure for Dark Data
& Bias.

Packed with advanced features, adaptive hosting connectivity, AI-powered efficiency, and seamless integration with any legacy archive solution or storage environment, UnBiasIt empowers organizations with precise control over their entire data estates, including their escalating Dark Data.  

UnBiasIt's Ai Data Detect is the Cure for Dark Data

In today's Ai-augmented digital age, organizations face the threat of overwhelming and relentlessly growing unstructured and Dark Data and the unrecognized inherent bias in their data.

Our Solutions

UnBiasIt's suite of tools is designed to enable organizations to apply their expertise, enabling improved efficiency and transparency across a broad spectrum of data types and communications.

Our Solutions

Ai Data Detect

UnBiasIt's AI Data Detect scrutinizes petabyte-scale data, identifying biases and sensitive PII, PHI, and PCI information effectively.

Bias Alert

UnBiasIt Alert uses your organization's fully customized criteria to identify evident and subtle bias indicators proactively.

UnBiasIt Writing

A real-time digital writing assistance tool for Microsoft Office, Chrome and Edge to recognize and eliminate bias.

UnBiasIt Audio

The UnBiasIt Audio Analysis API is a robust tool designed to detect and highlight instances of bias in audio conversations.

UnBiasIt Ai Data Detect

With Ai Data Detect, UnBiasIt presents the ultimate cure for dark data, delivering a purpose-built solution to probe petabyte-scale unstructured data. This deep dive identifies instances of bias by profiling data, pinpointing sensitive information such as race, ethnicity, gender, and other PII, PHI, and PCI, ensuring businesses operate with clarity and integrity.

Ai Unbias Detect

Bias Alert

While most organizations today have bias response protocols and remediation strategies, UnBiasIt's Alert is the first solution to provide an immediate deterrent to bias in an organization. Alert is built on proven Supervisor technology, and our out-of-the-box tool surpasses current industry standards, ensuring your data is fully covered.

Bias Alert

UnBiasIt Writing App

With our UnBiasIt Writing App, organizations can immediately enhance their social awareness.  Beyond the obvious HR and legal benefits, the UnBiasIt Writing App provides an immediate deterrent to the risks organizations now face in addressing social challenges.

Writig App

Before and After UnBiasIt

UnBiasIt Audio

UnBiasIt AudioDetect is an intuitive mobile application that leverages the UnBiasIt Audio Analysis API to identify biases in audio conversations. Users can record or upload audio files for analysis, or even use the app in real-time during conversations. Post-processing, it provides a comprehensive bias report that flags any detected biases with timestamps, context, and suggested corrections.

UnbiasIt Audio
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