The Racial Bias Alert™ Tool

Eliminating bias with technology. One alert at a time.

While most organizations today have racial bias response protocols and remediation strategies, UnBiasIt's Racial Bias Alert™ is the first solution to provide an immediate deterrent to racial bias in an organization.

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At UnBiasIt, our UnBiasIt Data Stack, including Racial Bias Alert, UnBiasIt Data Detect, Data Drop, Data Vault, Storage, and Deletion, as well as our UnBiasIt Compliance Monitor fully enable a comprehensive Data as a Resource foundation for the critical information governance that is demanded of every enterprise.


You control the criteria.

You are in the driver seat and have total control of what you monitor and take action against. Our Racial Bias Alert™ provides you with an ongoing deterrent and proactive intervention to eliminate racial bias in your organization.  Get started today.

Our Racial Bias Alert™ Technology

Criteria Driven.  We've created the first-ever fully-customizable racial bias criteria.  In addition to our Racial Bias Alert™ criteria, we have ready to use criteria for sexual harassment, high-pressure sales tactics, and high-risk communication.

Secure and Auditable.  Racial Bias Alert™ complies existing security or data privacy standards large organizations are subject to including GDPR, SOC II, FedRamp, HiTrust, FERC, SEC, HIPAA, and more.  The tool is also fully auditable and reportable.

Seamless Integration.  UnBiasIt will fully manage the implementation process and provide managed services on an ongoing basis.

We exceed the industry-leading standards.


Fed-Ramp Authorized
Data Center


SOC II Compliant


GDPR Certified


HIPAA/Hi Trust Compliant



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