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Ai Data Detect

UnBiasIt's Ai Data Detect scrutinizes petabyte-scale data, identifying biases and sensitive PII, PHI, and PCI information effectively.

UnBiasIt's Ai Data Detect

Ai Data Detect delivers cutting-edge data analytics and deep insight across all of the data held within the entire corporate data estate.  Built on a powerful analytics engine, a super scalable architecture, and a rich, intuitive interface, it provides democratized, self-service analytics tooling that almost anyone can use within an organization.  It builds on the absolute connectivity provided by Connect to allow any data source, no matter how large or complex, to be mapped, modeled, and controlled.


Empowering Data Management: Streamlined Connectivity, Robust Archiving, Bias Detection, and Cost-Saving Insights

Our Solutions

Data Connect

Seamlessly connect and synchronize diverse data sources for comprehensive analysis.


Preserve vital data and documents using a compliant, enterprise-scale archiving platform.

Detect Bias

Harness AI to identify and mitigate potential data biases for fairer analysis.


Calculate storage costs and potential savings with AI Data Detect's intuitive calculator.

Data Connect

Data Connect is designed to streamline your data management processes by providing a user-friendly platform for connecting and synchronizing a wide array of data sources. Whether your data is stored in the cloud, on-premises, or a hybrid of both, Data Connect ensures seamless integration for a comprehensive and efficient analysis. It eliminates the challenges of data silos, enhancing visibility and accessibility across the entire data landscape of your organization.

Data Connect

Unlock Insights

AI Data Detect harnesses advanced machine learning to transform unnoticed Dark Data in enterprises into actionable intelligence. By automating data classification, it minimizes human errors and adapts to evolving data patterns, streamlining data management. This reduces storage costs, curtails electricity consumption, and diminishes carbon emissions, enabling organizations to access critical insights from previously overlooked data and position themselves for potential carbon credits.

Detect Bias

The Detect Bias feature employs advanced artificial intelligence to identify potential biases in your data. It scrutinizes vast datasets to pinpoint areas where biases might influence the fairness and accuracy of your data analysis. By illuminating these instances of bias, the feature helps your organization to implement more equitable data practices, improving decision-making and promoting fairness in outcomes.

Savings Calculator

The UnBiasIt AI Data Detect Calculator is a powerful tool that helps you discover cost savings associated with your data storage and management. By simply inputting your storage costs and data across different tiers, the calculator can demonstrate the potential reduction in total cost of ownership through different phases of AI Data Detect. It's an insightful tool that empowers you to make informed decisions about your data storage strategy, highlighting opportunities for efficiency and cost savings.

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