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UnBiasIt Audio

The UnBiasIt Audio Analysis API and app is a robust tool designed to detect and highlight instances of bias in audio conversations.

Ensuring Fair and Equitable Conversations

In the era of advanced communication, UnBiasIt's Audio Analysis API and App stands as a beacon of responsible, fair, and unbiased discourse. This robust tool is meticulously designed to detect, highlight, and help rectify instances of bias in audio conversations.


Whether it's a business conference, a casual chat, or a recorded message, our tool's high-level accuracy ensures that every spoken word aligns with the principles of equality and inclusivity. As a result, you can foster an environment that not only hears but truly understands, respects, and values the diverse voices within it. Dive into a world where sound promotes harmony with UnBiasIt Audio Analysis.


Explore a Suite of Advanced Features for Unbiased Audio Conversations

Our Features

Record & Analyse

Capture and interpret your verbal exchanges effectively with our 'Record & Analyse' feature

Detect & Feedback

Timely identification of bias is crucial for maintaining unbiased dialogues

Different Biases

Our 'Different Biases' feature is designed to recognize a wide spectrum of bias categories, ensuring a comprehensive analysis of your audio conversations.

App & API

The UnBiasIt Audio Analysis App & API offers the utmost flexibility and seamless integration across platforms.

Record & Analyse

The UnBiasIt Writing App employs AI algorithms to help you rewrite and transform your text, ensuring your messages are written in a language that's not only articulate and engaging but also inclusive and unbiased. This powerful feature fosters respect and understanding among diverse audiences and promotes effective communication.

Ai Unbias Detect

Detect & Feedback

Leveraging real-time bias detection, UnBiasIt provides immediate, constructive feedback. This feature enables you to rectify any unintentional biases swiftly, fostering an environment of respect and understanding in all your communications. This proactivity allows you to anticipate and address issues before they escalate

Bias Alert

Different Biases

UnBiasIt is equipped with robust technology that helps pinpoint a wide range of biases, such as unconscious or gender biases. By performing a comprehensive and accurate bias identification process, the tool ensures that your text not only meets legal standards but also upholds the values of equality and inclusion

Writig App

App & API

UnBiasIt AudioDetect is an intuitive mobile application that leverages the UnBiasIt Audio Analysis API to identify biases in audio conversations. Users can record or upload audio files for analysis, or even use the app in real-time during conversations. Post-processing, it provides a comprehensive bias report that flags any detected biases with timestamps, context, and suggested corrections.

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