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UnBiasIt Data Due Diligence Toolkit

The Missing Method in M&A: Bias-Free Data Due Diligence Solutions

Powered by UnBiasIt’s Data Stack, UnBiasIt delivers the industry-leading Data Due Diligence Toolkit to implement formal procedures for data diligence to provide a complete picture of a company’s data and data-related capabilities while also exposing inherent risk in the data compromised by bias.

The Problem

Private Equity Firms and M&A Managers fail to give proper attention to Data Assets, consequently undervaluing the investment opportunity and exposing it to considerable risk.  “Most PE firms, VCs, and the corporate transaction units of consulting firms have done little to keep up with the Information Age other than merely favoring digital businesses.  To overlook this primary source of value as part of a corporate valuation is an egregious oversight.”  – Forbes.

The Solution

Private Equity Firms and M&A Managers can monetize their Data Assets and eliminate their Data Risk with the UnBiasIt Data Due Diligence Toolkit. “Only with a complete picture of a company’s data and data-related capabilities can a PE firm expect to make fully informed decisions about whether or not to execute on deals and how to price them accordingly.”  – Forbes.

With the UnBiasIt Data Stack powering the UnBiasIt Data Diligence Toolkit,
we provide a complete range of services, including:

Data Assessment
Data Privacy
Data Remediation
Data Storage Optimization
Data Identity and Profiling


The UnBiasIt Data Due Diligence Toolkit supports:

1. Investors.  Seeking to enhance the data strategies and value of their investments

2. Management Teams.  Wishing to realize the incrementally significant gains of maturing their data approach, processes, and capabilities

3. Corporate Finance & Investment Advisors.  Who are providing professional services, often into M&A, where they require specialist data analytics expertise to validate an investment case

The insights gained through our UnBiasIt Data Due Diligence Toolkit result in remarkably more profitable and risk-averse decision-making and long-term value creation.

DataDetect is the premier component of our UnBiasIt Data Stack.

UnBiasIt’s DataDetect provides our customers with rapid visibility and understanding of their enormous data stores [including their dark data] and empowers them with the necessary information to make critical decisions about the data they are reviewing, reducing, preserving, or eliminating.  By shining a light on their dark data and allowing them to search, discover, and govern that data, DataDetect addresses the operational burdens of our customer’s data compliance obligations and truly transforms their dark data into a competitive advantage rather than an underutilized asset.

Detect and clean unstructured and dark data from virtually any repository.

With DataDetect, UnBiasIt delivers a purpose-built solution to interrogate petabyte-scale unstructured data volumes to identify instances of bias.  UnBiasIt DataDetect profiles data to identify sensitive data, including [but not limited to] race, ethnicity, genders, and other forms of PII, PHI, and PCI.  Not only will this enable enterprises to identify potential dark data risks, but the built-in workflows facilitate the movement of data to secure repositories, preservation in an archive, upstream review platforms, and much more.


Most importantly, UnBiasIt provides bias-free data by exposing inherent risk in legacy data compromised by bias.

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