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UnBiasIt Insight

AI-powered text analytics. No code needed.

An Instant Insight-to-action text analytics application empowers organizations to understand the Voice of the Employee [VoE] and Voice of the Customer [VoC] better.

The Data Challenge

Organizations today are receiving increasingly unmanageable amounts of text feedback through a variety of key data sources such as support tickets, open-ended surveys, employee responses, job postings, and customer reviews and responses, sometimes in multiple languages.  Attempts to manually process this expanding data is an overwhelming task in terms of time and volume.  As a result, many organizations are unable to expeditiously and efficiently maximize this valuable data.

The UnBiasIt Insight Solution

UnBiasIt Insight is a machine learning [AI] text analytics application for ingesting, organizing, and utilizing text feedback.  UnBiasIt Insight surfaces unexpected insights to capture an accurate image of how organizations are perceived.

Instant Insight-to-action for all users.  Contextual understanding of language in UnBiasIt Insight gives HR professionals direct control of feedback exploration and analyses – no coding or data science experience required.  With UnBiasIt Insight you can also uncover language patterns and instances of bias across your job posts.


Understand sentiment across your workforce.  List and understand the voice of your employees (VoE) with Concept-Level Sentiment Analysis in UnBiasIt Insight.  Get a detailed view of how employees feel about issues, at all levels of your organization and improve satisfaction and experience.

Automate the feedback review process.  UnBiasIt Insight frees teams from manually mining feedback for insights so they can address the things that matter most to the people they serve.

Exposes for bias.  UnBiasIt Insight understands words and phrases it’s never seen and discovers things it wasn’t told to look for, giving users a complete picture of what’s going on in their data – empowering organizations to take action.

No code is necessary.  No data science, coding, or specialized knowledge is needed to explore insights from text data in UnBiasIt Insight, so business and technical users alike can derive real value from analyses.

No assembly is required.  There’s no need for setup, libraries, or ontologies to get started in UnBiasIt Insight, so users can explore datasets in minutes after upload.

Seamlessly share findings.   UnBiasIt Insight makes cross-team collaboration easy with the ability to share URLs to preconfigured dataset visualizations.

The Benefits


Industries We Serve

Target enterprise markets include:


Financial Services
Health Care
Consumer Goods
Educational Institutions

Use Cases

UnBiasIt Insight can review:


Open-Ended Survey Responses

   [ie. Employee Feedback]

Job Postings

Product Reviews

Support Tickets

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