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UnBiasIt Data Stack

Take action on all your legacy data

especially your dark data, when bias or misconduct has been exposed and made actionable during the detect process.

The UnBiasIt Data Stack is our premier product and unrivaled in the data management market.

By managing data effectively with our Data Stack technologies, we provide our customers with remarkable data resources to access, integrate, cleanse, unify, govern, store, secure, eliminate bias, and prepare data to unlock its inherent value and maximum utilization.

UnBiasIt provides unified and bias-free data by exposing inherent risk in data compromised by bias.


In the information age, data is king, but it has now increased beyond an organization’s capacity to manage or harness its inherent power and value.  Much of this data is considered dark data, meaning that an organization does not know the nature or sensitivity of this content.  An organization’s current and legacy data pose significant risk associated with compliance and social challenges, especially bias.

The Overwhelming Data Problem

In addition to being a vital competitive resource, an organization’s data is now also essential for government compliance, industry standards, litigation, and social response.


A recent survey of 1300 technology executives commissioned by Splunk reported that more than 75% of the executives believed 60% or more of their data is dark.   


This unknown data puts an organization at enormous risk, and this distended data is metastasizing throughout an organization’s applications and hemorrhaging in its data centers.

The Bias Problem

“Biases are an uncomfortable truth.  No one wants to think that they’re potentially discriminating against someone else.  But as a business problem, bias is very real, and so are the consequences.”  

- Jeff Caitlin, Forbes


Organizations often don’t recognize that instances of bias exist in their current communications and historical data stores, and more importantly, don’t recognize how damaging this unidentified bias could be … lawsuits, damaging PR, sanctions, boycotts, sabotage, fines, staff demoralization, recruiting issues …

Detect and clean unstructured and dark data from virtually any repository.

With AI Data Detect, UnBiasIt delivers a purpose-built solution to interrogate petabyte-scale unstructured data volumes to identify instances of bias.  UnBiasIt AI Data Detect profiles data to identify several sensitive data, including (but not limited to) race, ethnicity, genders, as well as other forms of PII, PHI, and PCI.  Not only will this enable enterprises to identify potential dark data risks, but the built-in workflows facilitate the movement of data to secure repositories, preservation in an archive, upstream review platforms, and much more.


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How It Works






AI Detect


The AI Data Detect Component

AI Data Detect is the premier component of our UnBiasIt Data Stack.  

It provides our customers with rapid visibility and understanding of their enormous data stores [including their dark data] and empowers them with the necessary information to make critical decisions about the data they are reviewing, reducing, preserving, or eliminating.  


AI Data Detect allows our customers to take action on all their legacy data, especially their dark data when bias or misconduct has been exposed and made actionable during the detect process.  


Whether our customer chooses to move their organized and bias-free data to a new repository in the cloud, delete it, encrypt it, or archive it, UnBiasIt AI Data Detect provides the required insights to make informed decisions about an organization's data purpose and value.   

Note:   By shining a light on their dark data and allowing them to search, discover, and govern that data, AI Data Detect addresses the operational burdens of our customer’s data compliance obligations and truly transforms their dark data into a competitive advantage rather than an underutilized asset.

UnBiasIt AI Data Detect 1.0

Shine a light on your dark, structured, and unstructured data repositories with our lightning-fast UnBiasIt AI Data Detect.


UnBiasIt AI Data Detect is the latest application UnBiasIt is introducing to the marketplace, expanding the scope of our data governance solutions.  AI Data Detect enables organizations to understand, gain control, and manage their ever-expanding unstructured data repositories.  AI Data Detect provides an in-depth analysis that will be performed on repositories targeted by AI Data Detect, producing a rich inventory, classification, and data lineage of your organization's data.  

It's been found that data governance programs often do not address 90-95% of an organization's data!  In Global 1,000 companies at any given time:

  • 1% of data is on legal hold

  • 4% is subject to regulatory or legal retention requirements

  • 25% has business intelligence value

  • Leaving 70% as ROT [Redundant, Obsolete, Trivial], or garbage 


The point:  Do not get too far in your security program or data consolidation efforts until you can identify and value your data while eliminating the garbage.  


  • Interrogate petabytes of unstructured and dark data repositories.

  • Delete legacy unstructured data no longer required.

  • Our user-friendly interface gives you comprehensive visibility into your enterprise-wide data repositories to find your business-critical information.

  • Identify and eliminate Redundant, Obsolete, and Trivial Data [ROT] to increase the value of your data for long-term retention.

  • Locate all Personally Identifiable Information [PII] in your IT landscape to comply with Data Subject Access Requests [DSARs] under GDPR.

  • Enhance the development of artificial intelligence and machine learning initiatives with higher-quality data sets containing more relevant information.

UnBiasIt AI Data Detect is the premier solution for capturing, cleaning, managing, and providing access to your dark data [providing a consistent, defensible manner to apply critical compliance, purge, or retain decisions].

UnBiasIt AI Data Detect enables organizations to move and analyze data from anywhere to anywhere, with AI Data Detect acting as the ‘data police’ in between.  Whether our customers are simply managing their corporate data responsibly, going to the cloud, complying with GDPR data privacy regulations, or merging with another company, AI Data Detect provides the capability to locate, identify, categorize, and properly manage the dark data scattered throughout their organization.

Our customers can use UnBiasIt Data Detect to:

  • Perform Data Migrations.  Before migrating repositories containing unknown amounts of ROT to the cloud or to another destination, AI Data Detect ensures that organizations save money on hosting fees by migrating only business-critical data.

“We deleted 65% of our emails and files before migrating to Microsoft 365, saving hundreds of thousands in migration costs.”  -Large Financial Services.

  • Streamline M&A Activity.  Data Detect makes your Information Technology team's lives a lot easier during Mergers & Acquisitions in two critical ways.  One, during the M&A due diligence process by providing visibility into the data being acquired [especially the dark data] to separate valuable information from ROT.  Two, during post-M&A activities that involve integrating legacy systems and information you will be able to quickly call attention to potential issues and areas of undue risk in these acquired data assets before they become major business problems.   

  • Detect Personally Identifiable Information [PII].  As big data is doubling every two years, and the need to quickly identify and produce unstructured or ‘dark data’ for legal and compliance requests has been exacerbated by the advent of new data privacy regulations such as the EU’s General Data Protection Regulation [GDPR] and the California Consumer Protection Act [CCPA]. 


As these current privacy regulations continue to evolve, AI Data Detect will drive your data compliance program by helping you identify unneeded information quickly and purge it flexibly, creating a complete audit trail of the data purged for legal substantiation while also helping facilitate Data Subject Access Requests [DSARs] for compliance.​  This is key for ensuring you are confident all data in virtually any storage device has been accounted for when it's time to access your data for eDiscovery and compliance from your archives.

How UnBiasIt AI Data Detect Works

UnBiasIt AI Data Detect uses groundbreaking technology to enable organizations to locate, analyze, and, most importantly, take prompt action on their oceans of unstructured data.  AI Data Detect powers an effective information governance strategy with a customizable dashboard that displays rule sets graphically. Hence, our customers see what data is affected by the rules they’re building, either enterprise-wide or repository-by-repository.

Trainable clustering technology speeds the identification of similar documents for defensibly applying retention and deletion policies en masse.  Policies are actionable, following flexible workflows for proper data management and moving information to our customer’s location of record while applying appropriate retention rules.  Consistent policy application with detailed reporting provides additional defensibility and confidence in their deletion and purging activities.  Once a policy is applied, data can be purged, held in place, or moved/copied to the cloud to a more secure location like our UnBiasIt Advanced Archive with its fine-tuned retention controls or any other location you need.  Our customers have complete control over data location and retention.

An ever-changing regulatory landscape has created challenges for executives that require access to robust data analytics that they have confidence in.  Regulations such as GDPR continue to change how enterprises respond to their data needs, making it difficult to manage, secure, and provide privileged access to data.  Merger and acquisition activity exposes an organization to absorbing ROT [redundant, obsolete, or trivial] data, taking on unnecessary risk.  Enterprise businesses face the challenge of processing, analyzing, and acting upon their data and ensuring it maintains privacy and appropriate data security.  Non-compliance bears a heavy consequence, and we are prepared to equip our customers with peace of mind and a streamlined process to eliminate their risk exposure.

We have built a groundbreaking tool to discover, understand, and take action on your data.  Each technological advancement produces more data that must be handled in some way or another.  AI Data Detect provides critical visibility and understanding of enterprises’ most important asset, their data.  Intuitive dashboards provide executives with key insights into their data landscape, such as ROT analysis, instances of PII [or other sensitive data types], and Privacy compliance posture.  GDPR requirements stretch beyond data retention, emphasizing the importance of data minimization.  AI Data Detect can help enterprises understand not only the data that they have captured via retention policies but the dark data that exists in their environment that they previously had limited to no awareness of.  Your enterprise resources will be rid of unnecessary information, and you will be assured that your archive will exceed high-quality data standards.

UnBiasIt AI Data Detect provides a graphical analysis of all documents, enabling end-users to seed the system to find like documents for streamlined search.  Beyond the ability to locate and understand your data, AI Data Detect empowers end users with the ability to take action on their discovered data. Move your data to an alternative location, delete it, copy and quarantine it, or send it to your archive for preservation.  ​

We created our remarkable AI Data Detect file analysis tool to empower our global customer base to take command and gain a greater understanding of the information that exists in their archives, network file shares, and other data repositories.  

The Missing Method in M&A:
Bias-Free Data
Due Diligence Solutions

Powered by UnBiasIt’s Data Stack, UnBiasIt delivers the industry-leading Data Due Diligence Toolkit to implement formal procedures for data diligence to provide a complete picture of a company’s data and data-related capabilities while also exposing inherent risk in the data compromised by bias.

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